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  • The constellation Coma Berenices refers to a classical story concerning the hair of Berenice, the wife of Ptolemy III of Egypt. While the story is an old one, the constellation is relatively new, being introduced by Tycho Brahe (). According to the story, Ptolemy had waged a long war on the Assyrians, since it was they who had killed his sister.
  • Coma Berenices. K likes. Coma βerenices è un progetto di Antonella Bianco e Daniela Capalbo (Napoli), nato nei primi mesi del Il nome ricorda quello di una piccola costellazione visibile.
  • Coma Berenices inggih punika salah satunggaling jinis astronomi tradhisional ingkang sampun dipundhaptar minangka salah satunggaling saking 88 rasi lintang modhèren. Rasi lintang Coma Berenices mapan wonten ing caket rasi lintang Leo lan mapan wonten ing belahan langit sisih saddkicklessgelabi.guipesisobmicerfidasuthanswestre.infoinfo Berenices inggih ateges "Berenica's Hair" wonten ing basa Yunani, ateges via ing basa Latin, lan .
  • Coma Berenices, (Latin: “Berenice’s Hair”) constellation in the northern sky at about 13 hours right ascension and 20° north in declination. Its brightest star is Beta Comae Berenices, with a magnitude of This constellation contains the Coma cluster of galaxies, the nearest rich galaxy cluster.
  • Coma Berenicids: Borderin constellations: Canes Venatici Ursa Major Leo Virgo Boötes: Veesible at latitudes atween +90° an −70°. Best veesible at (9 p.m.) durin the month o Mey. Coma Berenices is a tradeetional asterism that haes syne been defined as ane o .
  • View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of COMA - The Album on Discogs.
  • Coma Berenices is an album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow.. Track listing. All music is composed by Masami saddkicklessgelabi.guipesisobmicerfidasuthanswestre.infoinfo: Noise.
  • Unusually good progressive jazzrock experiment gone terribly right, Denmark ensemble Coma's Amoc kicks some ass and made this grizzled veteran smile more than once, showing a band quite well versed in their understanding of rock and how it can interlope with almost any other form of music, even the unwilling ones. A creepy whistle intros 'Savværket', Jakob Mygind's sax leads a shaky mix as.

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